IDT302 - Innovative Manufacturing Technologies​

IDT302 Course Summary 

ESP units at Level 3 cover core and foundational aspects of a topic to provide an introduction and overview of a topic. Units are accessible to learners who have studied STEM subjects at this or lower levels, but are also suitable for learners with higher level qualifications in other STEM areas/disciplines seeking an introduction to emerging technologies.

Knowledge : Has factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to complete tasks and address problems that while well-defined, may be complex and non-routine. Can interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas. Is aware of the nature of the area of study or work. Is aware of different perspectives or approaches within the area of study or work.

Skills : Identify, select and use appropriate cognitive and practical skills, methods and procedures to address problems that while well-defined, may be complex and non-routine. Use appropriate investigation to inform actions. Review how effective methods and actions have been.

Topics covered by this unit include:

  • Overview of digital, smart and additive manufacturing technologies
  • Industry 4.0 concepts, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • Introduction to industrial control systems – PLC’s, automation and robotic applications for manufacturing
  • Intelligent control systems, and introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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