BAT202 - Environment and Sustainability for Battery Manufacture​

BAT202 Course Summary

ESP units at level 2 provide introductory awareness to a topic area.  Units are accessible to learners who have studied STEM subjects at this level and are seeking to gain some technical insight in the topic area of the unit.

Knowledge – Has knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and ideas in an area of study or field of work to complete well-defined tasks and address straightforward problems. Can interpret relevant information and ideas. Is aware of a range of information that is relevant to the area of study or work.

Skills – Select and use relevant cognitive and practical skills to complete well-defined, generally routine tasks and address straightforward problems.
Identify, gather and use relevant information to inform actions.
Identify how effective actions have been.

Topics covered by this unit include:

Climate Change – key features of climate change and the impact of human activities on the global climate.

Sustainability – sustainable battery development approaches to mitigate against global climate change and the environmental benefits of batteries in energy innovation.

Air quality – the sources and harmful effects of vehicle air pollution, principal pollutants from IC engines, current legislation on CO2 emissions and targets.



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