Future Skills Foresighting Reports


Foresighting future skills needs is a recommendation of the HVM Catapult’s ‘Manufacturing the Future Workforce’ report proposing the Skills Value Chain approach to connect workforce development and skills with technology innovation. Workshops and analysis were carried out during the Emerging Skills Projects on a number of digitalisation and electrification subjects – the individual reports are made available through this website.
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  • IDT (Aerospace)
  • IDT – Simulation & Modelling
  • IDT – Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Summary of Electrification
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Power Electronics, Motors and Drives
  • Vehicle Systems and software
  • Vehicle electrification infrastructure 

We appreciate that there are significant volumes of data to interpret in the reports made available here. We recommend that you get in touch to discuss tools that will make getting insight from the data more effective.

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