Batteries – BT1 – Fundamentals of Battery Supply Chain Systems – Level 2

BT1 Course Summary

The starting point in the whole process of powering an electric vehicle, or battery powered device. BT1 explains the initial ingredients of battery creation, taking learners through the process of mineral sourcing and extraction, through to understanding supply chains and planning for manufacturing.

The course covers the following areas:-

  • Minerals required, their mining and extraction.
  • Supply chains, the principle of and the effective management/planning of them.
  • Key operations in the battery supply chain and the operating facilities required.

This is a level 3 unit and can be delivered as a whole, usually over two days, or split up and delivered in multiple shorter sections, depending on the preferences and needs of the training provider or employer. The unit is designed for delivery to people starting their journey in battery technology. It will form the foundations of their understanding for more in-depth research for higher level programmes.

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