Batteries – BT5 - End of life battery preparation and environmental disposal

BT5 Course Summary

All batteries have a finite life and BT5 looks at what happens when they have reached the end of their use. Looking into the health and safety risks and processes that vehicle dismantlers will come across, this unit provides guidance for such workers but also for design engineers to improve the options at the end of a battery pack’s life.


The course covers the following areas:-

  • Safe handling, risk management and end of (battery) life preparation.
  • Key dangers of both low and high voltage batteries.
  • Recycling operations for both low and high voltage batteries.
  • Guidance on the dismantling of a battery pack.

This unit is a level 3 unit and can be delivered as a whole or in sections as required. The unit is designed for delivery to people starting their journey in battery technology. It will form the foundations of their understanding for more in-depth research for higher level programmes.

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