Batteries – BT6 - Decommissioning and Sustainable Re-utilisation of Batteries

BT6 Course Summary

What happens to a vehicle battery if it no longer meets the performance guaranteed by the vehicle manufacturer but still has the ability to store energy? BT6 shows the potential reutilisation of these batteries and the processes involved in preparing for a second life application.


The course covers the following areas:-

  • Safe handling and risk management of end of (battery) first life preparation.
  • Logistical processes involved in transportation and storage of batteries.
  • Onsite processes involved in preparation for re-use.
  • Electrical installation for final destination.
  • Environmental and sustainability impact of decommissioning and reutilisation.

This unit is a level 3 unit and can be delivered as a whole, usually over two days, or in sections as required. The unit is designed for delivery to people starting their journey in battery technology. It will form the foundations of their understanding for more in-depth research for higher level programmes.

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