ELEC722 - Leading Prototype Builds in Electric Vehicle Manufacture

ELEC722 Course Summary

These are level 6/7 courses. The levels of knowledge and skills within these units are described below:

Knowledge descriptor for level 6/7 – Has advanced practical, conceptual or technological knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to create ways forward in contexts where there are many interacting factors. Understands different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the theories that underpin them.

Can critically analyse, interpret and evaluate complex information, concepts and ideas.

Skills descriptor for level 6/7 – Determine, refine, adapt and use appropriate methods and advanced cognitive and practical skills to address problems that have limited definition and involve many interacting factors. Use and, where appropriate, design relevant research and development to inform actions.

Evaluate actions, methods and results and their implications.

The learning outcomes for the unit Leading Prototype Builds in Electric Vehicle Manufacture are:

• Understand how to develop the prototypes for an engineering project

• Know how to critically analyse and interpret the safety and design elements of engineering systems when building electric vehicle prototypes

• Know how to evaluate prototyping outcomes against the planned objectives and produce recommendations for performance improvement and alternative approaches

• Use appropriate software to design the prototype layout

• Lead the prototype build to the required design specifications and within safety requirements

• Create programmes, including the test plan, for prototype electric machines to ensure compliance with product / regulatory specifications

• Test and critically evaluate the prototype against the design specifications

The learning outcomes for the unit Leading Quality Control in Electric Vehicle Manufacture:

• Know how to analyse and evaluate quality management programmes for electric vehicle production

• Interpret and analyse process improvement methods for the production of electric vehicles

• Understand how to evaluate the need for improvements in the process of electric vehicle manufacture

• Plan improvements in process for the manufacture of electric vehicles using simulation software

• Determine and justify costs and other criteria for improvements identified in the manufacturing processes for electric vehicles


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