IDT504 - Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future​

IDT504 Course Summary 

This is a level 5 course

ESP units at Level 5 have been designed to demonstrate the application of emerging technologies across a range of industrial contexts. Units at this level integrate tutor led activities with self-paced learning that link theoretical aspects to emerging industrial / manufacturing situations. The units have been designed to suit learners at Level 5, or those with higher level STEM qualifications seeking to upskill in emerging technologies. Those learners without a suitable STEM background at Level 3/4 would be advised to study the relevant Level 3/4 units first.

Knowledge : Has practical, theoretical or technological knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to find ways forward in broadly defined, complex contexts. Can analyse, interpret and evaluate relevant information, concepts and ideas. Is aware of the nature and scope of the area of study or work. Understands different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the reasoning behind them.

Skills – Determine, adapt and use appropriate methods, cognitive and practical skills to address broadly defined, complex problems. Use relevant research or development to inform actions. Evaluate actions, methods and results.

The overall length of the unit (including the remote tutor-led element) is 3 days with 1 day of remote tutor-led learning and the other days made up of self-directed learning and assessment

The learning outcomes for this unit include:

• Understand the principle of Industry 4.0 and Key technologies for a SMART factory.

• Knowledge of Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) and Big Factory Data.

• Describe factory production in an automated process with structure of cyber-physical systems.

• Understand the architecture of the SMART/connected factory including Factory of the future.

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